Cofounder of


Botler lets anyone of any coding ability build a useful bot, and makes it easy for users to access bots - even without Internet.

I designed and developed the v1 of Botler detailed below (LAMP stack). Now I maintain it with the help of a friend.

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  • UI/UX Designer at

    Toast, Inc.

    Toast is an all-in-one point of sale and restaurant management system built specifically for restaurants, on an affordable cloud-based platform.

    I worked with the Product team to implement and analyze usage metrics, and to deliver UI's in HTML for updates to our web products.

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  • Co-creator of


    MAHI is a text-to-knowledge engine that augments human intelligence by identifying topics in any type of text and makes decisions about the subject to display information and gather other topics that are relevant.

    I was in charge of the product direction, front end development, algorithm design, and worked on about 40% of the backend Python.

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  • Product Designer at


    Cintell is a marketing tech startup working to help marketers understand their customers better by letting them to create customer personas in the Cloud.

    I took high-level product requirements, then defined features, designed the UI, and worked with dev teams to build the product.

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  • Branding & UX at

    by Kalpana

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